YOGA FOR KIDS in Cambodia

This fun-filled, adventurous and interactive workshop is designed to teach yoga and pranayama to children. The course gives practical knowledge to deal with stress, disappointment, and competition through fun filled sessions.

Why Yoga Classes For KIDS?

Kids spend most of their time shunting between homework and school related extra-curricular activities. There’s little time for free play. They face over stimulation; distractions; academic and peer pressure too early in life. And they are plagued by their own insecurities and fears. Yoga can help children deal with this pressure-cooker environment. And infuse energy and confidence into their personalities

Stress is not something that affects only adults, the competition , the parental and peer pressure puts children under tremendous anxiety to perform. Our grade based education system further adds to the stress. the ancient science of yoga helps kids concentrate better on their studies; reaserch has even shown it helps in improving grades. It promotes creativity, builds stamina and confidence, and teaches  a child to manage stressful situations.

Benefits of KIDS yoga

 Yoga develops awareness of body, mind and breath.
 Builds attention span & concentration power.
Increases flexibility
Augments imagination and creativity.
Relieves mental and physical fatigue.
Boosts energy levels and provides deep relaxation too.
Helps overcome negative emotions like jealousy, fear and anger.
increases confidence.
Increases breathing and lung capacity.
Exercises, strengthens and lengthens different muscles in the body.
Develops healthy food habits.
Improves Sleeping habbits
Reduces obsession with Television, mobile and other electronic devices


Why US !

Our yoga classes comprise of overall personality development of yoga kid :

  • Our yoga classes comprise of fitness and yoga postures, increasing flexibility and energy of the child
  • It includes unique breathing techniques too which helps the mind being calm and increase focus
  • Playful activities and games, increasing creativity of the child
  • Processes Overall development of the kid’s personality
  • Building human values with games, processes and stories.
  • Learning asanas which are easy to remember and practice at home.
  • Understanding of healthier lifestyle and food awareness.

What Our clients
say about Us

After joining 3 months of kids yoga classes with The Art of Living, I see notable change in my little Luna. She has got more patient, her temper has gone down. As a result, my kid is now more committed & patient with what she is doing. She is more smiling, and there is more understanding between us and our child. .
Serey Chea

After joining the kids yoga class, my kid has become better in her time management, she completes her tasks on time without me reminding her a lot. She has more confidence & flexibility.

Ms Thavy Thou

My kid has become more obedient and calmer. My relationship with her has improved.
Ms Rotha Chea
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